26 Oct 2013

StartIsBack for Windows 8.1

StartIsBack is one of the first apps that got improved to work on Windows 8.1, and today the program has received another update to enhance functionality on this particular OS version.StartIsBack for Windows 8.1 version 1.0.3 is mostly supposed to fix bugs in older releases, which means that improved stability and less crashes are very likely to be experienced after updating.
According to the official release notes, returning to the last used environment didn’t work properly in some cases, while the high contrast theme became transparent due to a number of bugs.
In addition, the new build fixes Start Menu issues with some multi-monitor configurations, while the wallpaper on the Start screen no longer changes all by itself.As you could easily figure out by simply reading its name, this app only works on Windows 8.1, with both 32- and 64-bit versions supported right now.
StartIsBack for Windows 8.1  Direct Download Link
StartIsBack for Windows 8 Direct Download Link

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